MONIQUE THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE is located in the CMC OFFICE CENTER parking lot. There are two ways to enter into the parking lot.  PLEASE BEWARE 7577 BUILDING IS ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE STREET.  It's on the even side of the street, instead the odd number. 

Enter from Cedar Village Dr.

Driving from S. Mason-Montgomery Rd. onto Cedar Village Dr.,  go pass one block and pass one parking lot, and come to  the  second parking lot on the right side of of the street with the American flags hanging above the sign CMC OFFICE CENTER. The number 7577 is seen on the building on Cedar Village Dr.


Enter from Central Parke Blvd.

Driving from S. Maon-Montgomery Road onto Cedar Village Dr. make a right onto Central Parke Blvd, then make a right turn  into the parking lot and not a left turn. if using GPS.  The GPS will tell you to make a left into the parking lot, that the wrong parking lot.  The building is on the wrong side of the street.  If, turn in the wrong parking lot, just turn around, and cross over to the the  parking lot, that has the  numbers 7577, 7588 on the buildings and Cincinnati Aesthetician in the parking lot.